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Wings on fire

Love’s Last Madness

Darshan Singh

From the Commentary on the Poem

Prophet Muhammad during his ascent to heaven, accompanied by angel Gabriel only part of the way, beyond which the angel’s wings would have burnt.

In Rumi’s Masnavi, the angel Gabriel says,

If I take even one more step, I’ll burn up,

“We’re I to fly beyond this point,

My wings, illustrious friend, would burn up.

In Sadi’s poem , The Garden, writes,

If by even a hair’s breath I fly higher,

His dazzling light will set my wings on fire.

Reading the above about angel, I thought of the watercolors I made in 1997, in those watercolors the angels wings are on fire.

It is a number of watercolors I called “the falling angel“.

In those watercolors, it is myself I believe the angel, and I did set my wings on fire, so great I believe was the desire of flying, flying higher. #angels #men #heaven #love #prophets #angelgabriel #poet #DarshanSingh #Rumi #Sadi #garden #art #watercolors #wings

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