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Hariclia Michailidou


Statement of Work

From Formless to all Form

Poetics of Space


It was maybe the inherent need of human nature to understand the nature of the world; the universe within and the universe without that presented to me the possibility to create this work. 

My work, for the last twenty years, has been a continuous evolution beginning from watercolor circles representing reflections of light, (since light the formless acquires the form of its source, a star been a sphere)  and their cyclic motions to creating a continuous evolution in form or states of formation.  While working on this project it seemed to me as if all form is a continuous evolution of the reflections upon reflections of light and its motion throughout the cosmos.  I see light as strings of photospheres, every photosphere as a sphere of light with the ability to self reflect in all directions.

I believe that in this particular quality of light to self reflect, to be  mirror and image at the same time, which allows light to be a particle and a wave simultaneously, all manifestations of form from the atomic to the galactic, from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic are possible.


My work sometimes by accident and other times intentionally, continuously progressed with new surprises, exciting possibilities, unexpected outcomes and endless variations.


I think as the earth rotates every 24 hours around its axis and revolves every 365 days around the sun and as our galaxy moves in a spiral motion and as the heavens move around us, with us – maybe all the reflections upon reflections of light coming even from far away heavenly objects, playfully recreate our beautiful universe over and over again.                    


            Now if the universe as we know it, is continuously recreated in the light, or is a mirror image of a universe created in light; what other universe or universes can simultaneously coexist?  Realms far beyond our minds can grasp!  Imagine the life forms they might support!  Real like mirages moving in streams of light vibrations, yet synthesized from the same universal light and obeying the same laws of the nature of light; they might seem quite familiar to us. 

Could the understanding and contemplation of such worlds be the destiny of our true nature?

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