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Everything as a single entity or as an ensemble, seem to me, can have a mirror image of its own, a circle beyond any other shape can in addition be in an endless series of symmetries within itself.  It is because of this property that our eyes, I believe, have the ability to see and distinguish a seemingly infinite variety of patterns. 


From the very beginning my work in its evolution has been balancing between symmetry and asymmetry.  From the first watercolor circles there is evolution from symmetry to asymmetry, then from asymmetry to symmetry, then symmetry to asymmetry, again and again creating an endless array of forms.


From reflections of light, the first watercolor circles, created forms, forms evolving in appearance from the atomic to the galactic, everything was moving from symmetry to asymmetry and back to symmetry as it progressed.  Cosmic realms were created out of those evolving patterns and from those cosmic images patterns were again recreated.  

Every form, from early simple ones to later complex patterns, stars its formation from reflections of light, in the shape of circles.  All images made from star light at the beginning, contain stars and galaxies within them as they progress into more and more complex forms, cosmic realms are reflected within them.


Is the universe symmetric I asked?   The answer I got was no.  Yet, still I tell myself it could be.  If the universe is one it appears to be asymmetric as far as we can see, but if the universes are two or more, a multiverse, the simplest way would be, the way of symmetry. 

Yet even if the universe is one, the cosmos with such abundance of light would certainly be reflected in its own light and create a mirror image of itself.

And as I gaze amazed in its beauty, it's light reflecting into my eyes, traces heavens within me.

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