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Poems for children

To Counsel the Young

I was watching presidential debates on TV and an amount of twenty plus million dollars

was the yearly income of a candidate.

And I said: No one need that much to live.

And you only eight years old

as you were doing your homework said: There is nothing wrong with

twenty million if you do something good.

I was proud you had so well

expressed your opinion and I said:

It’s very interesting what you said Evan, now the question is;

When does someone begin to do good, before or after someone acquires twenty million a year?

And if someone does good before

will someone ever gets twenty million a year?

I strongly believe no.

But let do your homework,

a debate like this is for older children, to do your homework is most important now.

And if you acquire that, I believe for now we do well, to do our homework with all we possess

and to do our best.

One day when you grow older

you’ll know how everything we learn is good, a new word, a compound subject, a verb, a synonym, an antonym, a homophone, how to write a sentence, the verb, the subject, the object and a comma, a period, a question mark, an exclamation point.

All is important and the meaning of all, a new idea, a new question, a eureka and joy, wellness, happiness, wisdom

and mathematics, algebra, geometry.

And beyond all the workings of the mind, philosophy and psychology and logic and cosmology is important too.

Every new word will open a new dimension and a new way, a new direction.

It will create forces that will transfer thoughts from infinity to infinity within the filaments of our universe and of our mind.

And with all we learn we create maps, maps to guide us through the infinities of our universe and of our minds.

Maps to guide us trough the complexities of our imagination, our inspirations, our thoughts

the infinities and complexities of our dreams and still farther with the speed of light and beyond.

Our brains shall be well crafted

like nothing was ever crafted before

and become the invisible map or maps, very bright and clear in our mind, for our mind to travel unobstructed, easy and fast

to reach new frontiers, to enter new worlds, to travel every day a little farther.

And to enrich and to be enriched

from everything we have learned along in the world, no matter how small.

All those are riches not measured in numbers, and when we do get a glimpse of those, a touch, a glance or more, we are rich beyond numbers, with all that is not measured in millions, billions, trillion or astronomical numbers.

They are measured not and those true riches are for us.

Like true wisdom is beyond words

true riches are beyond numbers

or anything that is measured in numbers.

The world in silence reveals its wisdom and shares its riches in infinity and beyond.

So let do our homework

today and tomorrow and every day.

Let do always our best and let the world reveal to us its wisdom

not in words or numbers, but in its secret ways, in its secrets paths

as we go day by day

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