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On the cosmos

I like to say, I am beyond thankful for the world to chose me to do this work. I am amazed every time I begin to work on my computer from the images created in front of my eyes. I could never have imagined at the beginning 1998, painting the watercolor series “reflections”, named after the light, what would follow. And on every new series I could not believe the outcome of the work.

Now I have made a universe of my own and the universe itself seems to produce new images, new visions that truly delight me.

I begin working and in half hour sometimes I would finish 16, 18 new variations on a theme.

It is unbelievable to me that it is possible at all. I remember one time in less than two hours I finished 33 or 36 new variations.

I would never believe it, even if I see it every day, I still find it unbelievable.

I am and always will be beyond thankful for experiencing so much joy in doing that work.

I am thankful for every single picture I see finished in front of my eyes.

I am thankful for experiencing so much beauty.

I am truly thankful and I hope I would continue to remain astonished. #deepskyimaging #astronomy

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