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From Thomas Taylor the Platonist

Cupid and the Psyche

Psyche, in this delightful situation, is married to an invisible being, whom she alone recognizes by her ears and hands. This invisible husband proves afterwards to be Love; that is to say the soul, while established in the Heavens, is united with pure desire ( for Love is the same with desire), or, in other words, is not fascinated with outward form....,

It is remarkable that Psyche, after falling to the ground, is represented as having “a stumbling and often reeling gait”; for Plato, in the Phaedra, says, that the soul is drawn into body with a staggering motion.

After this commence the wandering of Psyche, or soul, in search of Love, or pure desire, from whose embraces she is unhappily torn away.

Then, indeed, the soul particularly requires fortitude and divine assistance, as it is no trifling contest to abrogate the confession and compact which she made. #art #cosmos #heaven #thomastaylor #platonist #phaedro #plato #cupid #psyche #soul #night #love #desire #earth #universe #descent

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