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She was nearly Forgotten

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

From my studio, a computer and a chair, since 2001. That was all I needed, in many ways the computer made it easy, but mostly it made it possible. My work couldn’t be created without the use of the computer. I remember in the early 2000 I thought, I may have discovered how patterns were created in nature, and maybe I have, then in 2004 a whole universe unexpectedly blew out with light and was reflected on my computer screen, a universe as bright as the universe seeing through a telescope. For a good ten years after I have been a cosmic traveler, documenting with images of cosmic realms of astonishing beauty my universe. Well now I am still expanding the universe in ways I often don’t understand.., here a series of images hiding mysteries I may or may not understand some day. #art #Cosmos #universe #digital #galaxies #science #telescope #Space #poetics #spaceclub #astronomy #light #nightsky

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