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To care or not to care?

‪A few years ago, I remember I was in a playground.., sitting on a bench I did see a little girl through her sweater on the ground and told her “it would get dirty”, she responded “I don’t care”, then I said to her “if it gets dirty, it needs to be cleaned”, and she said again “I don’t care‬“, then I said “to clean it you need water and detergent”, she said “I don’t care”, and I said “well that is a waist and not good for earth”, this time she screamed calling her baby-sitter and repeated “I don’t care”!!!

Well she was a little girl.., yet still..,

The question is “to care“ or “not to care”?   Let the children tell us now..,!!!   #climate #greta # thunber # caring #environment #earth #water #air #food #children #Universe 

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