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From the “dance of the shadows”

The year was 1976-1977, I was studying art at the institute Saint Luke, in Liege Belgium. I was painting with China ink on paper.  It was a long time ago, yet now the subject surfaced with the metoo movement. I did suffer a sexual harassment a few years earlier studying architecture at the academy royal d’ architecture in the same city. Back then there was no name for it, I recall my aunt, I used to live with, when at the end I told her, she told me; that is how men are my child. I left Belgium and left architecture also, but I spend the last year studying art to console myself. I will sit on my drawing board and draw all day long , I will get up at the end of the day and throw everything in the garbage. I did that every day as if the ink drawings were tissues with my tears on, until one day, one morning, I got to my drawing board and found the last day’s drawings on the board. Soon the teacher came and asked me why I throw the drawings in the garbage, and he asked me to keep them. Well, I never threw a piece of art again. Now to come back again to the drawings here, I like to show the continuity of the movement, the first one hides a face and as the hand continues with the same emotions, reveals the face the second time, I can recognize my face although it was not intentional, I drew spontaneously and abstract, but the emotions were so powerful I could not hide them.  The third drawing I gave it to someone and I thought of it when I published my book “caves in the heart and the dance of the shadows “ and I wanted to include it, now I found this old photo and I like to share it.  On this image what I see is someone waking from a dream, and I wander, did I draw it at the beginning or at the end? I somehow like to think the whole thing was a dream, a dream only. How much do we know of dreams? Of how real they are or aren’t? #Art #metoo #abstract #inkdrawing #chinaink #womensart #blackink  

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