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From formless to all forms

Digital image, from the series “evolutions” latest pattern, the series on “evolutions” is generated originally from the series “reflections” which is original watercolor free hand circles. The circles are imaging the reflections of light, like the sunlight, from those reflections I believe all forms as we know them are created.., #evolutions #reflections #circles #light from the book “The Essential of Plotinus”. by Elmer O’ Brien. The One therefore produces the second hypostasis without assent, or decree, or movement of any kind.

How are we to conceive this sort of generation and its relation to its immovable cause?

We are to conceive it as a radiation that though it proceeds from The One, leaves its self sameness undisturbed, much in the way the brilliance that encircles and is ceaselessly generated by the sun does not affect its selfsame and unchanging existence. It is

what Plotinus says about the One as creator of multiples, creator of forms

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