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Seeing this painting by Fragonard, the swing, this morning, I thought of the impression it left on me the first time I saw it in the encyclopedia I had when I was in high school.

I remember I liked it so much I wanted to paint it, to copy it, I didn’t know if I was good or bad in painting so I tried it.

What a disappointment it was to realize that I was bad, really bad, and I remember I told myself;

I would never paint.

That was my fist disappointment in been an artist.., I closed the encyclopedia and forgot about it, but never forget the “swing”

Well to say that I have painted for over twenty years now, is quite, not easy to explain.

The difference is from what I understood, when I was in a state of madness about something, madness or love, then I found myself painting blindly, I was not seeing what I was painting, I was only feeling it, and that made the difference, what I was painting was coming out of a source of all knowledge, of all wisdom, it was coming from within me, it was powered by forces more powerful than mine, by a passion that possessed me stronger than I could understand or control.

Unknown, mysterious influences empowered me and enabled me to paint still today..,

And still today painting or rather help the picture evolve in front of my eyes enraptures me, makes me happy.., #painting #artist #love #art #fragonard #theswing

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